Zipset Plant Bands

Zipset Plant Bands are square growing containers made from milk carton paperboard.  The paper provides exceptional strength when wet, yet is still biodegradable.  No damaging glues or other potentially toxic chemicals reach the soil or your plants.  The square shape of the Zipset Plant Band directs roots downward at the corners, virtually eliminating any chance of plants becoming root-bound.  Individual Plant Bands make it easy to sort by canopy development, remove failed starts, and split trays for distribution.  The collapsiable nature of the container means that it packs flat for cost effective shipping.

Stuewe & Sons, Inc. is the exclusive retailer of Zipset Plant Bands and Propagation Trays.  Please contact them for all of your plant band and tray purchases.

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Bench grafted grape vines planted in Zipset Plant Bands and Zipset Bench Graft Propagation Trays.

Coffee plants in Zipset Plant Bands and 4” Zipset Propagation Trays, after four months of development, are ready to be transferred to the field.

A variety of Plant Band sizes shown inserted in the Propagation Trays.