How are Zipset Protective Sleeves/Grow Tubes shipped?

Zipset Protective Sleeves/Grow Tubes are strapped in bundles of 100 and palletized.  Pallets are wrapped with stretch-wrap, covered with a 6 mil white poly bag, and stretch-wrapped again to protect them for outside storage.  All pallets are shipped in the most economical way possible.  We welcome smaller orders, which will be boxed and shipped via UPS or USPS.


How long do Zipset Protective Sleeves/Grow Tubes last?

In most environments Zipset Protective Sleeves/Grow Tubes will last between one to two years.  In areas of high moisture or precipitation, that time can be reduced.  However, our customers have had them last up to to five years.  


How are Zipset Plant Bands and Zipset Propagation Trays shipped?

Zipset Plant Bands come in a variety of standard sizes and are shipped flat, to reduce shipping cost.  The number of Zipset Plant Bands in a box varies, depending on the size ordered.  Stuewe & Sons, Inc. is the exclusive retailer of Zipset Plant Bands and Propagation Trays.  Please contact them for all of your plant band and tray purchases.

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Can I get more information about your products?

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