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Should I use heavy or light material?

Plant Bands made of light material will retain structural integrity 9 to 12 months under normal greenhouse handling conditions. Heavy material holds up 12 to 18 months.

Would I rather have punched Plant Bands?

Punched plant bands (those with 4 holes per panel) provide added drainage, aeration, and quicker lateral root extension, enabling plants to pull moisture from the surrounding areas once transplanted. Holes also help accelerate Plant Band deterioration.

Can I buy less than a case?


What size Protective Wrap should I use?

Our most common Protectors are 3.75” square at 20 to 24” tall for vines. Nut and fruit growers commonly prefer 2.75 x 18” tall.

Can I have my logo printed on my wrap?

Yes. When you are ordering 100,000 Protective Wraps or more.

What if I require a different size than what is listed on your website?

Please call us, 800-284-0390. The website represents only the most popular sizes. We may have your size in stock or we can accommodate custom orders.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes. Discounts start at 15 cases for Plant Bands. Call us for more information and pricing, 800-284-0390.