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Field of Trees in the Fall w/ Mountains in the backdrop

Photo by Tiffany

About Us

Monarch Manufacturing, Inc. began in 1969 in a garage in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with its first production machine being built from bicycle parts producing containers for growing tomatoes. Since then it has become one of the leading suppliers for biodegradable propagation containers and protective wraps.

Jim Zeiset (JZ), president and owner, has an engineering degree in Aeronautics, his passion, from Wichita State University. This business of manufacturing growing containers he created simply by chance through an acquaintance seeking suggestions of a material strong enough to hold wet dirt. JZ, a young intelligent civilian working for the Air Force in Oklahoma City as an aerospace engineer, proposed the idea of milk carton material believing if it could hold milk it could hold wet dirt. This friend loved the proposal, immediately left dinner carrying a milk carton without the top and bottom, and sold 500,000 on the spot to a grower down the street. Suddenly it became JZ’s responsibility to design a machine and procure the materials to produce the cartons. Having an engineering background came in quite handy.

In 1975, looking for better educational opportunities for his children, JZ relocated Monarch Manufacturing, Inc. to its present location west of Poncha Springs, east of the Continental Divide in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. His own piece of heaven!!

Monarch Manufacturing, Inc. has expanded to producing not only biodegradable growing containers (Plant Bands), but also Propagation Trays specifically designed for Plant Bands, as well as custom printed Protective Vine/Tree Wraps.

JZ has continued with his passion of aeronautics by participating in international competition hang gliding, general aviation and just recently flying sailplanes.